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Fashion Blogger to Watch Out For: Bea Benedicto

AWWWWWNESSS! Blog features never fail to surprise me. Thanks so muuuch <3


I remember clearly how I came upon her blog. I was new to the whole Lookbook-ing scene that I didn’t know who to follow. So I typed in “Philippines” and her name came up a few notches down but on the top of the list of 63000++ users. Of course I was new and naive so I immediately clicked the “Fan” button. Honestly though, I didn’t check on her looks right away as I was looking for more Filipino users.

It was only after a few weeks when I’ve completely discovered the awesomeness that is Bea Benedicto. One of her looks came up Lookbook’s Hot page and, as curious as I could be, I clicked her name and an array of UH-mazing looks sprang to my monitor’s screen. Right away, I redirected my eyes to the right side of her page to see if she has a blog, and lucky me, she has one, and in Tumblr, nonetheless!

I immediately clicked on her blog link and I was even more pleasantly surprised than ever. I learned at that point that Bea is more than a sartorial lass. She is also a down-to-earth and fun loving woman (and VEERY gorgeous, too, I might add).

How I’ve come to this realization is pretty obvious. If you’ll open her Tumblr page, you will see post after post of her interacting with her readers like they were her long lost yet very close friends. It’s one of the things that I admire about her (and her friend, Gela), they don’t let their fame get to their heads. Plus, in my opinion, she is a genuine person and doesn’t mask a persona, just because she doesn’t mind posting silly photos of her. And by the way, have I mentioned that she designs and sells clothes and is a commercial model? Can this girl be any more astonishing?

An interview with Bea:

Who is Bea and where can we find her?
   —Hi I’m Rose Bianca Benedicto, but people call me Bea. :)

You can check out my updates and likes at, my outfit posts and looks at, and my raves and rants at!/bea_benedicto.

What can we expect to see in your blog?
  —My blog consists of a bunch of reblogs and pictures of my own. I like to keep my posts fashion-related, but sometimes I can’t help but post random cute or funny things there, too! I believe that a blog’s bound to reveal all your interests, all sides of you. And my other sides, so to speak, like fat puppies and cute grandpas. :3

How is your blog different from other fashion blogs?
 —I like to talk in my blog posts. Sometimes a simple “oooh” or “gah I want this” would suffice, but other times I’d actually make a pretty lengthy commentary about certain trends and outfits, or even talk about my life and my experiences. So I guess if you go through my blog, you would really get to know me as a person - not just as a person interested in fashion. I like to keep everything warm and open, as if I was talking to an actual friend in person. So please excuse the corny jokes, the sabaw sentences, and the occasional use of Taglish. Haha!

Describe your sense of style:
  —My style is pretty hard to define because I like to experiment with everything and anything. Perhaps it can be summarized into “dainty boho rocker”, or something confused like that. As long as the clothes are comfortable and I think they look cool, I’m game.

When did your love for fashion start/when did you start dressing up?
 —I would say that I’m a pretty late bloomer. I only started really dressing up halfway through college - when I realized that it was kind of boring that all I had were jeans and t-shirts in my closet. One day I decided to try wearing a mini skirt and it kind of just went on from there. Nowadays, I’m more daring with the way I dress. Things I would’ve been too shy to wear before are now what I wear on a regular basis. I think that’s a pretty big achievement for a three-year timeline!

Where do you usually shop? Can you recommend an online shop for us?
  —I always shop at thrift or department stores. I hate spending a lot on things that I know I can get for 50 pesos at some ukay near my house. Sometimes, though, I’d find something awesome at Landmark or at SM Department Store and boom, no more money. Haha!

HMMMM online shop? Alter/Ego! Check my store out at :)

Who are your fashion inspirations?
 —There are too many to list down! But one person will always be at the top of my fashion inspiration list: Rachel Zoe. That fabulous woman will forever be my idol. I think if I met her in person one day, I might faint. Then when I regain my consciousness I will do a Rachel impersonation sequence. What? Haha!
What are other fashion blogs that you follow?
  —My boyfriend’s blog is awesome, check it! Lots of awesome boy stuff there: :)

What are your body insecurities and how do you deal with them?
  —Oh man, I have a lot of insecurities. I think my tummy’s too huge, my butt’s too flat, and my hair’s too dead. But then again, it’s very normal to have insecurities when it comes to the way we look. We just have to love ourselves and make do with what we’ve got! After all, there are always ways to hide your flaws. ;)

What can you advice girls who want to express themselves through fashion but are embarrassed to do so? 
Fashion is the best way to express yourself, and you don’t need to follow rules or please others when you dress up. Wear your own clothes your way. If you’re shy to make too much of a style change right now, then take it from me: you can always step out of your comfort zone little by little. One day, you’d be surprised at how much your style has grown and improved. You will be happier and you won’t feel embarrassed anymore. :)
I would suggest… no…. I INSIST that you follow her blog if you haven’t already. If you do, I assure you that it will be the best decision you’ll ever make in your (blogging) life.


P.S. Photos are taken from her facebook and tumblr account :)

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