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Tumblr Fair 2012

As you all know, the first Tumblr Fair was held last August 4 at the San Juan Gym in San Juan. That was, undeniably, AGES ago. But at least I finally feel like blogging about it? :3

I arrived a wee bit late that day. And while setting up my booth with Kayra, all frazzled and such, I was called to the front to be interviewed. Awkwardness much? May masking tape pa sa braso, juskopo. :))

I had the weirdest idea a few days before the fair, and that was to have a pirate-themed booth. Lucky for me, Kayra's super game and hella creative! So we got right down to business with the tarps and props, and we ended up winning best booth! HUZZAH! :D

Look at our happiness. HAHA now lemme bombard you with the sabaw booth photos I had with my Gelabrief. :D

Detail shots?

I had a blast at the Tumblr Fair not just because I got to see my peeps (PEEPS?? 90’s SPEAK??), but also since I got to finally meet all the lovelies that I only talked to online. Everyone was so friendly and I can safely say that I made new friends yaay. :3

With Adly and Erika

OMGED ROB WHY IS THIS MY ONLY PHOTO WITH YOU. What is bruha? Magsusuklay na ako next time promise :))

With Je :D

ANDAMI NITO!! But I will post my top 3 favorite photos with Erika, Dianne, Jessa, and Lance :3

Got to spend a good deal of time with Thea, too, who I now dub my bazaar buddy. Haha!

Thanks so much, Jeka, for spearheading this event! I do love Butingtings! Next time photo of us together? :)

Finally, thanks to everyone who took photos with me! And for tagging me so I can steal all of them! I should be spanked on the hand for going to a blogging event without a camera. :| 

So that’s it. And so I leave y’all with this random solo picture of myself. “GPOY”, I guess, as you kids like to say. :3

  1. brodynapoleon said: So jelly. I want to go to a Tumblr fair! I don’t think they have it in the States?
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