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The Bargain Hunt Bazaar

And after two months, I decide to blog about my very first Alter/Ego bazaar! First the Tumblr Fair, now this. I should really stop it with the intense backlog. Y’all watched my vlog entry about the bazaar, though, right? So I should be kind of forgiven. :3


I was really excited by the fact that two out of the three days, I was assisted by my lovely best friend. We got to talk, bond, and dance. Hazel and I haven’t spent that much time together since… high school I think? I missed this girl so much! :s

I was able to split the booth with the owner of Shop DaintyErika, who is seriously one of the nicest sweetest people I’ve ever met. We got to bond more over the third day, when I had no more voice. Oh sorry I forgot to mention… I was sick the whole time. HAHA!

I also got to split the booth with Erika’s tita and tito, who are the ones behind the lovely creations of Moonstone Designs. I bought a turquoise necklace and bracelet from them! The designs are just waay pretty and very reasonably-priced, too! :D

I was so pleasantly surprised by all the friends and family who came to support me! Here are Randz, Thea, and Jech. I wish I could’ve taken pictures with everyone, though. Silly me, I forget to bring my camera out :s

I also think I’m the luckiest girl, my family was so supportive - helping me set up, giving me tiangge tips, and even buying stuff from me! Thanks, guyyyys. <3

Ooh and here’s a photo my niece, Arwen, with her Tito Jech. Just had to share this ‘cause it’s too adorableee. She bought those pink glasses at the bazaar. Nagmana ata sa kakikayan ko. :3

Now I never know how to end blog posts, so I’ll just finish this off with a random weird ass picture of me and Hazel trying to crump. Feast your eyes on our… beauty? HAHA! See you at my next bazaar, loves! <3

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