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Wake Up Philippines!

MY LATEST COMMERCIAL JUST CAME OUT!! Thank you so much, Kopiko, for giving me my very first lead role! <3

The concept revolved around extremely sleepy folk going about their everyday routines. I was the girl at the bus stop who was so sleepy that she tipped over a bunch of guys in line - and that domino effect took a lot of effort, fyi. Sakit sa legs. HAHA!

After drinking Kopiko, we all wake up and have so much energy that we dance like crazy happy people. I had to do my solo sipping scene so many times, I really did get pretty hyper after the coffee intake.

Here are some pretty awesome shots of my headbanging! Thou shall not do such thing all day, your neck will hurt. Mine popped a number of times haha!

Also, I felt like Snow White - just because I had 7 guys with me. Hahaha! Awww.

This was by far the most fun I’ve had shooting because I really got to bond with the casters and the co-talents. There was quite a lot of waiting time so we played board games pa. Grabe lang. :P

I feel so lucky to have been part of this project. Thanks sobra, Lord! And thanks to my family, friends, and readers who keep supporting me. And for Nail It! For my cute green nails (HAHA pahabol much!). :3

To more commercials in the future!!

  1. krpayong said: This is super cute!!
  2. brodynapoleon said: omg.. i grew up in manila eating kopiko! how awesome. congrats bea!
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