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Kopiko BTS

So people finally decided to post their photos and I wasn’t able to include them in my last blog post. LAST NA! You won’t hear me talking about Kopiko anymore after this, I promise! :3

I actually had 2 hairstyles that day. The directors and such changed their minds last minute and made me have straight hair instead. Say hi to Rodrigo, the cutest of my seven dwarves. :3

Here’s our mattress shot. Thank goodness for these thangs, or we’d all be bruised and sugaty after so many times of falling on the concrete. Yikes!

As for this last photo, I just think it’s the coooolest! But yes, I can now clearly see that I fall weirdly… On the bouncer’s butt. HAHAHAHAHA! Till my next blog post, loves! <3

  1. frostloop said: OH MY. JOJO PEREZ. HAHAHAHA
  2. rheichism said: Wow, ikaw pala un miss. bea! i really liked that commercial. super kyot! hehehe thumbs up to all of you po! :)
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