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Best(ie) Friends Forever

I don’t mean to sound clingy or anything, but Bestie's one of my faaavoritest new-found friends. I swear I looove this girl! Tignan niyo naman o, donyang donya!

We decided to have a nail date around two Saturdays ago, and this is me finally blogging about our time at Nail It! Alvero :D (the one under Drew’s in Katipoop)

Check out our nail art! Aren’t our fingers cuuuuute?

My daddy and baby tux :3

When our nails were dry, we decided to hit the sunny streets of Katipunan to take outfit shots. You know, for Lookbook and blog purposes. Hype my look, "Eye Am Such A Girl"! ;)

My photos are so sabaw :|

We had to take so many close-up shots because I wanted my super quirky eyeball earrings from Gen’s Closet to be seen. Medyo fail kasi sobrang sweaty ko but whatever!! I think this photo’s kind of okay? :3

Taking pictures of my Lulu Swing flats weren’t too hard, though. Feet never look harassed! But I really killed them a few hours later, after going round and round Trinoma with Bestie. Here’s to more milk tea and shopping again next tiiime bebe! <3

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