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High Low

Felt a little more creative than usual yesterday while thinking of my next outfit post. I wanted to inject an actual styling method that I really love - which is mixing the highs highs and the lows. Just something I learned from Jillian Davison. ‘Cause I want to be a great stylist like her duhh.

Here’s Miss Davison herself, showing off her signature style. I don’t know about you guys, but I really find the weird contrast perfect.

The idea is basically this; you mix your high-end and crazy classy items with your lower-end and more casual pieces… Like how you could wear the fanciest dress and pair it with a pair of sneakers.

So for my look, I decided to start it all off with these Prada knock-off glasses. I found them at Nava a few weeks ago, and bought them without question. I just adooore the whimsy. *tralala swirls around like a baboon*

Went to Nava on a different day and found this dress naman! Versace ang peg! Jusko!! Puro Nava, kunwari endorser ako. HAHA!

Since I had all the branded (ish) stuff going on up there, I decided to do the opposite of what’s typically expected - and that’s to pair it with a casual pair of combat boots. Sure, heels would make the outfit a lot more sophisticated, but I think these Luxury Mall booties made the outfit more Bea. Riiiight? Say yes!!

Well that’s my explanation of the whole high low concept. On another note, I just want to share how in lalaloooove with this cuff from Imusthaveitonline! Everyone really must have it… online. HOHOHO! Ang corndog ko forevs. Toodles, y’all! <3

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