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Jech’s Buttday

I posted a picture of one of my gifts to Jech one time, and I’ve been itching to blog about the rest of his birthday since. I wasn’t able to bring my dslr because I was too excited for September 26, and so you will just have to be content with these photos from El Jecho's phone. Kasi wala na tayong magagawa diba. :D

This poor baboon had exams during his birthday, so I commuted to Rockwell so we could eat at this place called Shi Lin. Look at that stud. ;)

The place was pretty cool. But I’m telling you, the food was waaaaayy delish. Like I didn’t expect it to be awesome but it was. UGHH! I crave!

I’m a sucker for shrimp dumpling, but this was extra good ‘cause para siyang xiao long bao na hindi. Ewan. HAHA!

The century egg appetizers are really something you should get, though. They taste really funky!! But in a good way I promise! :D

This is me, being overly excited about the restaurant and about all the camo stuff going on. I wore a camo top to match my gifts for Jech. ‘Cause duh, I’m one of his presents. HAHAHAHA JOOOKKKEE #yuck

Anyway, aside from a camo-print watch strap, I also got him a camo-print necktie. So he can still be hip and cool in Law School dibaa! And he’s been craving for camo things. Why not give them for his special day <3

Pretty cool, huh? SAY YES! Ang mamahal ng mga yan it better be cool hahaha!

Random feets shot. Why are my toes so spread out like that =))

We had to settle for elevator shots because Jech got shy and didn’t want a guard to take our photo. So here we are being loverly cute in front of whatever reflective surface we could find hihi!

Ended the night at Starbucks so that this law student could study for his next exam. I hope you still had a great time, Jechypoop! I’m sure your exam grades will be gooood :*

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