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Our Lucky Ducky!

And the winner is Celine AKA Miss Young & Reckless! Congratulations!! You are now our little duckling! Haha! <3

Here’s what you win from the 30 Days of Friendship Giveaway:

1.  A Turquoise Bohemian Necklace
2. 1/2 Cotton and leather Biker Jacket
3. Neon Pink Slim Belt
4. A Crochet Hippie Top
5. Floral Necklace
6. Floral Maxi Dress
7. Nail Ring
8. A Set of Assorted SIllybands
9. Polka Dot Bow Clip
10. Polka Dot Corset from Penshoppe
11. Dark Floral Leggings
12. White Topshop Shorts
13. Red Earrings
14. Face Shop Facial Masks
15. Pink Bubble Shorts
16. American Flag Earrings from Elan
17. Owl Connector Ring 
18. Floral Top from Mint
19. Wine Colored Retro Hairband
20. Shopaholic Shirt
21. Baby Pink High Socks
22. Maris Single Feather Earring
23. Cotton On Pink Leopard Top
24. Floral Feather Earrings
25. Lilac Shorts
26. Oversized Hot Pink Polo
27. Black Maxi Dress from Guess
28. Chain Ear Cuff
29. Pink Anchor Buckle Belt
30. Candy Magazine

Congrats, again, on winning this huuuuge loot from Gela and I! We will now tweet you the good news. <3

  1. missplainandsimple said: c ongrats supperceline, youre so lucky!!! ;)
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