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Bea Benedicto | 24 | Floating

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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Studs on my shorts and ears + guns on my shirt + leather on my jacket = ultimate Bea rocker outfit. Just because I felt like looking like a rock star’s girlfriend. Hihi!

I am in looove with my new tights. Been looking for this style forever and I just couldn’t wait to wear them out. 

Same goes for my red leather bomber jacket. I think I’m the absolute luckiest because I was able to get it for only 150 bucks! The gray hoodie you see there’s detachable, too! ;) sayang lang na nakapikit ako sa photo hahaha!

Anyway, gotta turn in early tonight. Lots to do tomorrow! So go go go hype my look pretty please! Thank you in advance! :3 (that is me being pa-cute I hope it works on someone haha!)

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