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Schu and Myth Weekend Workshop

Last September 29, I attended this event where they talked about fashion PR and fashion writing at the Schu Factory Outlet. Let’s go in depth, shall we? :3

I was a tad late, but I was still able to hear Mr. Tedrick Yu talk about public relations. I actually met him already when I assisted my teacher while styling for Mega, but I got shy and didn’t want to remind him kasi baka di niya na ako maalala. Dyahe naman. HAHA!

I was invited as a blogger, and was asked to hold a giveaway so I could take some readers with me. SOO here’s reader number 1: Aiza Soller-Garcia. Check out her cooking and fashion blog, too, why don’t you :)

I asked them Schu peeps if I could take one more reader, so here’s reader #2: Hazel Hipolito!!

Hez is actually my best friend. But she wanted to go to the talk so I’m really glad I was able to take her. <3

Was so surprised to see Erika at the talk. It was too perfect because she said I could ride with her to the Nail It! event. I didn’t have to take the cab anymore oyeeeeee! TENKS ERIKAAAAAAHAHA

Oh, shoes.

Ms. Sarah Santiago talked about fashion writing. I loved how funny and informal she was! Was just a bit scared of her quizzing the audience, though :s haha!

I learned so much from the two speakers, and I would highly recommend these kinds of talks for people who want to learn about the fashion industry - like me!

Keep on checking my blog for what happened after this event, loves! Hugs and kisses <3

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