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Advanced Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday came 4 days early this year! Thank you so much for your creative and delicious gifts, bff Hezzieee! <333

GAH cannot wait for October 16. I’m turning 23 already wujubilib, and that’s also the day I start working at Stores Specialists, Inc.! Woohooo to working life! Thanks for the gift of career, life! When I get my first paycheck I swear Ima do some shopping. 8D


A. A pair of comfy black sneaks. I tried on a pair of Keds the other day and am seriously thinking if I should just get them already!
B. A simple and kinda faded denim polo.
C. A sturdy and awesome big white bag with hints of gold. Maaaan. Even my taste in bags is growing old. How nanay is “a big white bag”? Haha!
D. A grungy old muscle tee for women. Because. I have no muscles.
E. A vintage gold watch. Been eyeing a gold Casio for some time now… This polka-dotted one from Anne Klein would do, too. ;) hihi!
F.  A cute bow tie! I just really want a great black and red one, but any of these cute ones would also be great gifts.

SPEAKING OF GIFTS!!! Have you joined Shop Dainty’s giveaway! It ends on October 15, so three lucky girls will be celebrating my birthday with me on October 16 with one 1k gift certificate each! 8D

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