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Horsey Horsey

Posted my look, "Rocking Horse", the other day after watching Sinister. The movie wasn’t as scary as I hoped it to be, but it was great bonding with my little brother. :)

Just realized that these earrings are actually UNICORNS, not horses! But whatever! Paninindigan ko ang kabayo!

Bow ties = my new fixation. I need more!! 8D

These are my standing up photos… just in case anyone’s curious about my pants? I seriously abuse these jeans too much, that’s why I opted to just sit down for my outfit shot.

Doncha love my yellow ombre bag? Yellow has always been my favorite color, and this lovely number never fails to brighten up any of my outfits. Shout out to my sister from the States for bringing it over! And to Nail It!, for making my nails so pink and pretty hihi <3

  1. cherrylisraindrops said: Bea, what are the beauty products you use in your face? You’re so flawless!
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