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My 23rd birthday :)

Oh em geeeee. I’m such an ate! At itong ate niyo sobrang busy-busyhan sa work na hindi na nakakablog! Thank goodness for the long weekend! :)

Spent the night before my birthday at one of my favoritest restaurants ever, Nihonbashi Tei. Saraaaaap. 

A few minutes before midnight, Jech brought out his gift and a red velvet cake. He made me blow the candle, which was apparently being recorded without my knowing. Will show you guys the video clip in a bit :D

October 16, my birthday day, actually also marked my first day of work at SSI! Talk about an eventful day diba!

So here I am with my dad (not looking), my niece Arwen, and my nephew Tristan. Aren’t they all so kyooooottt <3

And here is Jech agaain! Hihi! Thanks so much, babe, for taking pictures with your camera. Why did I forget to bring mine whyyyyy!!! Yan tuloy, the rest of my family has no pictures haha!

We ate at a place called “Va Bene”. It’s a really good Italian gourmet restaurant, but really expensive! So only go if you’re celebrating a special occasion :D

I had a great 23rd birthday celebration, and I thank everyone who greeted me last week. I really appreciate it! To finish this blog post off, I present this cute picture of Jech and Arwen being sweet. <3

  1. beroscharmaine said: yung pretty bby girl may nail polich so cute :)
  2. non-conformist said: you not an ate for heaven’s sake! you just made me feel old :( -turning 26 huhu
  3. tttthemissingprincessss said: Belated happy birthday! ;)
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